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Colocation Services – Service Scope and Description

Psittacus Systems Colocation Service provides the Customer with private or shared space (Licensed Space) to host Customer Equipment within Psittacus’s Colocation Facility.

The management scope of the Services being provided by Psittacus is illustrated in the “Service Description –Colocation”document which also contains recommended specific considerations under the section “Service Dependencies and/or Related Services”. The Customer confirms that it has considered and accepts full responsibility for all scenarios relating to any failure conditions and functionality of each related or dependent service where those services are not provided by Psittacus.

Psittacus Systems Colocation Services are provided to the Customer for so long as the Contract remains in force in accordance with the terms of the Contract and Psittacus’s AUP, security,and access policies and procedures

Psittacus Systems Colocation Services are subject to payment by the Customer of Psittacus’s Charges for installation and support services, as set out in the Order Form, clause 5 of the Conditions,or as subsequently agreed between the parties from time to time.

Unless otherwise agreed Psittacus will use reasonable endeavours to deliver Colocation Services within five(5) Business Days of receipt of a signed copy of the Contract and payment of the relevant pro-forma invoices in accordance with Clause 5 of the Conditions.

Where diagnostic services are required to identify any issue or potential issue, Psittacus will only provide end-to-end diagnostics if the connectivity, hardware and software is entirely managed by Psittacus. If any elements are shown not to be managed by Psittacus, then any end-to-end diagnostic services will be stopped.

Colocation Services - Service Obligations and Limitations

Psittacus will measure the consumption of a rack or server by the minute, if this is found to be in excess of the committed power purchased, Psittacus reserves the right to charge for that excess at the prevailing rate. Any such charges will be rounded up to the 1 Amp.

Remote Hands-Support from Psittacus’s on-site engineers who will act as the Customer’s remote technical assistance. 15 minutes per Rack/Server of free Remote Hands per 24-hour period is included in the Charges. Unused Remote Hands do not accrue and cannot be transferred. Additional time for Remote Hands are quoted between both parties.

Remote hands work requests must be raised by the Customer via a ticket/email/client portal, which must clearly state what work is tobe done, to which equipment, as well as the time frame for the work and the process to be followed.

Refund Policy

We offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If our services are at fault such as network outage, power outage or remote hands taking longer than 48 hours.

If you are outside the money back guarantee then you can be offered a pro-rote refund. If at any point our terms of service has been broken refunds will be denied.

Data Loss & Protection

Psittacus is not responsible for backing up of services unless stated in the billing area or a backup service has been purchased.

In the case that data loss may occur, Psittacus is not held responsible and outside of the 7 days offering a refund will not be offered.

If the data loss is due to a Hard Drive or SSD, the drive will be replaced within 48 hours and invoiced accordingly unless confirmed otherwise.

Any Data lost due to unpaid invoices, Psittacus is also not responsible for.

Illegal & Banned Use Cases

Our services cannot be used for anything that is defined as illegal under UK law. Any services also cannot be used further to for the purposes of hosting, facilitating or running any of the following;

- Phishing websites

- Carrying out (D)DoS attacks

- Botnet commands & control servers

- Spoofing of IP addresses

- Sending of unsolicited emails or distributing malware

- Port scanning (includes zmap)

- The use or sharing of cracked or un-licensed software

- Hosting Content that may endanger others based on their ethnicity, religion or sexual preferences

- Creating tunnels to other data centres or machines with the purpose of providing DDoS protection or Mitigation


Time of Payment: Payment for all services shall be made upon purchase unless otherwise agreed. All requests for Credit must be put in writing to the contact details set out in these terms. Any invoices will be emailed to the registered email ONLY (unless otherwise requested)

Credit Control: Failure to make payment in accordance with these terms may incur extra charges and a late payment fee of £25 will be added to each overdue invoice. Notification of all fees will be communicated via email beforehand. Any non-payment issues will be passed on to our Solicitors, The Thomas Higgins Partnership, following the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, Psittacus Systems will claim interest and compensation on any overdue or late paid invoices as well as the outstanding debt.

Method of Payment: Payment for all Services shall be made in pounds sterling (or such other currency as agreed between You and Psittacus Systems) by credit or debit card or such other method as may be specified by Psittacus Systems this may include Direct Debt for Colocation services.


If you do not wish to renew your service with us then you must confirm a cancellation on or before the next invoice is generated.

Services that have not been cancelled must be paid for another month cycle.

If the invoice remains unpaid it will be sent to collections where a third party company will contact you in order to recover the debt and administration fees.

If you are using a colocation service, on cancellation you must arrange a courier to pickup all hardware within fourteen (14) calendar days.

In the event that a colocation invoice remains unpaid for longer than twenty-eight (28) calendar days past the due date specified, or a courier pickup is not scheduled within fourteen (14) calendar days of equipment re-racking unless confirmed with Psittacus, the ownership of any hardware part of the service shall immediately vest in Psittacus Systems and we reserve the right to sell, discard or repurpose. Data erasure measures will been prior to any re-use of the hardware performed.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We offer a 48 hour hardware replacement. Depending on the service such as Colocation you may be charged for standard hardware value unless communication between Psittacus and Client decides otherwise.

During open business hours, we guarantee a 3-hour response time to all ticket requests submitted to any department, and a 6 hour response time to any technical request submitted during any out of hours period.

We guarantees that your service will remain accessible 100% of the time, this covers power, cooling and power availability. For hardware maintenance or in the event a technician needs to perform modifications, patches or alterations to your system to ensure stability, a minimum of 48 hours notice will be issued to you. For emergency maintenance or critical security patches, a minimum of 1 hour notice will be published.

Our 100% accessible guarantee does not include DDoS Attacks or attacks out of Psittacus control. Migitation is provided with your service and automated Mitigation remains in place 24/7.

Percentage Outage Time Credit Amount
100% 0m - 5m 0 Hours
99.95% 5m - 25m 6 Hours
99.75% 25m - 1h 50m 12 Hours
99.50% 1h 50m - 3h 40m 24 Hours
99.25% 3h 40m - 5h 30m 1 Week
99.00% 5h 30m - 7h 18m 2 Weeks
< 99.00% 7h 18m or longer 1 Month

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