(Secure Socket Layer)

SSL is a web security feature that helps to protect your websites and demonstrate to your users that it is safe to use.

This helps you to build trust with your visitors, reassuring them that your website is secure, making them more likely to keep coming back.

SSL Essential

The address of a securely encrypted website will begin with https:// instead of http:// or it may show a small padlock graphic in the address bar.

The ‘s’ stands for ‘security’.

Having these additions to your website serve as a useful indicator to your visitors that you’re a legitimate, safe and secure website to use.

To help protect users from illegal activity and cyber-attacks, Google ranks sites with SSL higher up in their search listing.

This means that if your website uses a secure https URL, you’re more likely to appear in a potential customer’s search than those that don’t.


SSL websites have more chance of appearing higher up in Google search results compared to those that don’t. If your website has SSL, you’re guaranteed to get more visitors.

SSL Security comes as Standard with all of our website packages!

Every website we create comes complete with a year’s hosting. Whichever type of website you purchase from us will include full SSL security.
Some companies charge hundreds of pounds for SSL, discouraging small businesses from taking advantage of this crucial feature.
At Psittacus, we believe that SSL is extremely important as it ensures that both you and your customers are secure.

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